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March 2018 : EnjoyUp raises 330,000 € to accelerate its development

EnjoyUp is a startup that offers a free instant messaging application that captures the essentials of any conversations to save and preserve what we think is most important.
Created in September 2017 in Bourges, in the Centre Val de Loire region (France), the startup will soon be ready to deliver the first version of its product on both stores (Android & Apple).
EnjoyUp has just raised 330,000 € – through the crowdfunding platform – to accelerate the development of its mobile application and its upcoming distribution.
Through its voice transcription tool – and through a simple and intuitive group discussion creation – EnjoyUp promises users to return to natural discussions and focus on what’s really important to them, without ever losing track of the conversation.
To achieve that, the application offers users the ability to transcribe all their oral discussions into their “personal Talkline” in order to save the most important elements. They may also, if they wish, share their “capture” with other members of the group at any time to complete and qualify the discussion.
The fundraising will allow EnjoyUp to finalize the development of its application for general public purposes, but also to prepare the ground for a very future B2B approach for companies wishing to subscribe to a POC in a logic of internal use of the software (Harvesting and feedback of ideas, thematic discussion groups, data of the exchanges,…).

December 2017 : launch of the Conversational Working during #CES2018

EnjoyUp is the world first tool able to catch what is essential in a conversation. As a simple app, EnjoyUp allows you to capture anytime anywhere, in a spontaneous way, the most relevant sentences and ideas that are emerging during a conversation. Thru EnjoyUp, as a chat app, you can build groups and topics and count on your “talkline” to capture those useful words we need to remember…

Get back to naturalness to improve your HR potential: companies are investing much money in recruiting creative & smart profiles. Companies are expecting results, new ideas, projects… But they stick their new brains in meetings, around paperboards, post-its, computers and Age of Cave tools! EnjoyUp crosses the best of chat apps, real-time speech-to-text and social network in order to produce and capture new ideas.

EnjoyUp has entered the world increasing collaborative tools market that weights today 15B$ with the strength of chat apps (WhatsApp 1 billion users, WeChat 1 billion users too), adding the voice recognition, recording and transcription. EnjoyUp will become a key Human Capital Management tool, allowing companies and people to enter in the future of work with the oldest and most powerful manner to make things happen : conversation!

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