EnjoyUp presents :
the Conversational Working


collective intelligence
of your company


decisions when
they are taken


by exploiting those
never seen datas

Because today’s world is idea-driven, organizations must innovate, catch and foster collective intelligence.

Companies invest a lot of time and money in recruiting new high potentials and creative profiles.
These same companies expect fresh ideas, innovative projects, ways to enhance their competitive advantages…
But they stick these new brains in meeting rooms, around post-its or in front of Age-of-Cave tools.

This work pattern fail because it is not natural ! It’s not natural to ask people to be creative at scheduled times.

EnjoyUp get you into the future of work by using the oldest and most powerful tool : your voice.

How ? By crossing the best of chat apps, real time speech-to-text and social networks to enable you to
collect and capture all the best ideas when they appear.

Enjoy ! 😇

People are awesome, they have lots of ideas.
All you need to do is reveal them.


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