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🌈 What is ?

Have you ever had a talk and been unable to remember the best, even what you said ?
Yes ? Well, was made for you.

It is the first mobile application that allows you to save and share all your conversations in dedicated topics you have joined or created before.

You think that is awesome ? Wait, that’s not all : is 100% free for you and your friends !

Get back to naturalness by talking on whatever you want, when you want, from where you want, and more over : with the people you want !


Try it out : it’s 100% free 💎

Group discussions you’ve always needed 🎉

Create groups, define topics, gather people around and let’s talk!

Discuss with other uppers by joining the groups and topics you are really interested in.
Add, remove, join or leave : you decide, it’s that simple.


Get back to natural talkings using your voice 🗣

Don’t waste time calling anymore with EnjoyUp : join a topic and talk or write, it’s up to you.
Be spontaneous while using the oldest & simplest tool to communicate : your voice.

Where writing is sequential, voice is a flow that carries all the spirit of an interaction between people.

Capture with a simple gesture to share it 📲

Put your mic ON : everything you say to other uppers is written in real time in your personal talkline.
Swipe to save and share it, there is nothing easier. All you have to do is just tap, talk and capture !

Follow at any time the ideas captured by other uppers on the subjects you are all passionate about.


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capture the best of your conversations :